Liam Gallagher On Why He Goes For A Run Everyday

Liam Gallagher has spoken about why he goes for a daily run on Hampstead Heath at 6.30.

He said ‘When I’ve done a run I feel great after. I ran for Manchester when I was in school, long-distance. Won a few medals.

So I’ve always been into it. But then I got in a band and all that shit goes out the window. But I love it – I can run, man. I’m not speedy but I can go long distances. I don’t know how many miles. I don’t wear all these silly watches, I just go for it.’ For Liam, this way lies good mental health.

‘I get things off my chest. A lot of people keep it all indoors. Being me’s good. I can f—ing say what I want, whether people like it or not. I go for my run, I come back, I’ve let all my shit out, then I bring it in, then I let it out. I’m like a good conveyor belt.’