Liam Gallagher on playing Oasis songs on tour

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the current issue of Nylon Magazine about performing Oasis songs in his set. 

When asked “What brought about this decision?” Liam said “I’ve seen some artists who don’t play their hits and they have the audience scratching their heads. Playing a new album to people is hard work. Oasis songs are as much mine as they are Noel’s. I’m using six of them to fill out a 17-song set. The way I see it, people are working hard, paying money to see a gig. I don’t want to be standing onstage singing my bollocks off with all new songs and having people going, “I’m not sure about this one.” You drop one old song and the gig goes off. You might as well give them what they want”.

When asked whats the response been to your gigs? He said “There’s a lot of love out there. There are more people wanting it to be a success than wanting it to fail. There is pressure, especially from the British tabloids, but it’s pressure I can handle. I’d rather have people scrutinizing me and checking out the music than people not giving a fuck”.