Liam Gallagher on working with collaborators on ‘As You Were’

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the current issue of Nylon Magazine about working with collaborators on As You Were

When asked “This is the first time you worked with people other than your old bandmates. What was it that clicked between you and your collaborators on As You Were?”

He said “I wrote “Bold” and “When I’m in Need” and got signed [to Warner Bros. Records] off those two. The record company asked if I had any more songs and I said, “No, I don’t know if I’m ready for a record yet,” and they suggested working with writers, which I agreed to as long as it wasn’t stupid. I met Greg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt for the first time in L.A., had a cup of tea and a chat about where we were going. I showed them the style I was doing, they got it right away, and we started. I’d be telling lies if I [said I wasn’t] a bit nervous, but within half an hour, it was like I’d known them for years. It was easy—no egos, we just got on with it. We made “Wall of Glass” in a day, “Paper Crown” in a day, “Come Back to Me” in a day. I went back to England and wrote more and it wasn’t a struggle to do this solo thing. As soon as I sang, it felt normal”.