Liam Gallagher on why he has a dig at Noel so regularly

Liam Gallagher on why he has a dig at Noel so regularly

Taken from a interview with Liam Gallagher, that you can read here (Subscription required). 

When asked why does he have a dig at Noel so regularly? Why doesn’t he just let it go?

He said ‘’Cause I don’t want to let it go,’ he retorts. ‘What’s there to let go? I just like having a pop at him.’ For sport? ‘Yeah, man. Oh yeah. Don’t want to let him go, mate, f— that. Got him right on the ropes.’

You think? ‘Oh, I know man. How do I know? ’Cause I know… Anyway,’ he frowns, ‘we’re not here to speak about that c—, he’s had enough. But for the record, I don’t hate him… He’d love it if I just shut up shop, and didn’t say anything, and gave him an easy life to go and do his thing. It’s not happening. He’s had four f—ing years of [peace] now. And now I’m back doing what I do, I’m going to make it very f—ing hard for him to get back in the ring, man. Yeah.’

And yet, and yet… He’d prefer that we were here talking about the eighth Oasis studio album. This, he clarifies, is because ‘it’s a craic’ when you’re in a band. ‘But these are the cards I’ve been dealt. So I’m quite happy doing this.’

He added ‘I’ve got nothing to apologise to Noel Gallagher for. He was the one who split the band up, because he reckons I was the big bad wolf and scaring him and all that. That’s bollocks. Everyone knows the truth… He wanted to go and do his own thing, which is fine, but don’t throw people under the bus along the way.’