Liam Gallagher played Oasis & new solo songs at intimate NYC shows (pics, setlists, videos)

“Any Oasis fans here?” The answer from everyone was “duh,” as Liam Gallagher asked the crowd at Rough Trade, his second of two very intimate NYC shows of the weekend. 

With his first solo album, due October 6, he was here to do a little advance promotion and remind folks he, not his brother, is the voice behind some of the biggest rock songs of the ’90s.. Clearly nobody at Rough Trade this afternoon needed a refresher, and chants of “LIAM LIAM LIAM” rang out between nearly every song (when people weren’t yelling “FUCK NOEL”).

Even before he came out on stage, the tone was set with a banner of “ROCK N” ROLL” draped over the keyboard stand. Following suit, he opened the show with “Rock N’ Roll Star” followed by another Oasis song, “Morning Glory.” Still in his definitive stance, leaning forward to the mic with his hands clasped behind his back, he and his four-piece band (which included a member of Kasabian) sounded pretty much like you’d want/expect. Great start.

Some of the new stuff — rockers like “Wall of Glass” (very “Supersonic”) and “Greedy Soul” –recalled the heyday of Oasis; acoustic anthems like “Chinatown” and “Eh La” (which he said was the first time they’d ever played it live) didn’t fare quiet as well. He wisely ended his set with two more Oasis songs, “Be Here Now” and, of course, “Wonderwall,” which had nearly every person in the place holding up their phones while singing along.

SETLIST: Liam Gallagher @ Rough Trade 7/30/207

Rock N Roll Star (Oasis)
Mornign Glory (Oasis)
Wall of Glass
Greedy Soul
Eh La
Be Here Now

Source:, photos by Dana Distortion