Liam Gallagher furious after shopkeeper refuses to serve him cigarettes

Liam Gallagher wasn’t allowed to buy a packet of cigarettes in a shop because he couldn’t prove he was over 18. The rocker vented his fury at being refused service and told his two million Twitter followers the world has “gone mad”.

Although Liam is 26 years above the legal age limit to buy tobacco, one shopkeeper wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Liam tweeted tonight: “I’ve just been told I can’t buy cigs unless I got ID im 4F*KIN4 has the world gone mad.”

His fans thought his tale was hilarious, with hundreds replying to the former Oasis star in a matter of minutes.

One told him: “Just roll with it mate, don’t look back in anger.”

Another replied: “Maybe they just want to make sure you’re Liam Gallagher without asking you the question?”“Get Noel to buy them for you, people recognise him.”

A third said: “Get Noel to buy them for you, people recognise him.”

Source: The Sun