Liam Gallagher says he plans to reunite Oasis for Glastonbury comeback

Liam Gallagher says he plans to reunite Oasis for Glastonbury comeback

Liam Gallagher has shared some pearls of wisdom in the hope his brother Noel Gallagher , 52, will “take a year off”.

The singer, 47, who has just wrapped up his Why Me? Why Not tour in Australia, admitted he plans on reuniting Oasis for Glastonbury 2021.

Since the band split a decade ago, fans have been hoping the well-loved Brit Pop band will reform in the future – and the iconic British festival could be the place.

An eager fan then asked Liam about a possible Oasis reunion at next year’s Glastonbury.

They penned: “LG, how do you think this possible headline sounds: ‘Oasis reunite for a one-off show at Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary 2020’? What do you think?.”

While the upcoming Glastonbury is off the cards, the singer hinted at a possible reunion in 2021.

“Too soon,” he replied.

Referring to his estranged sibling, he added: “The little fella has threatened to take a year off which I highly recommend. I reckon he’ll give his head a good shake and bingo we’ll be on for the following year isn’t it.”

And Noel has also expressed an interest in getting Oasis back together.

Speaking to the Big Issue magazine, the High Flying Birds frontman said: “Well, it could. Of course, it could.

“But there would have to be an extraordinary set of circumstances. But I don’t think he ever will stop.

“I can’t envisage the morning I wake up and think I’d like to spend two years on the road, arguing all around the world with Liam.”

Source: Daily Star