Noel Gallagher on Christmas, politics, family and more

Noel Gallagher has done an interview with Rachel Johnson explaining why he wouldn’t vote Labour and why he hates Christmas.

Noel sat down with the Prime Minister’s sister Rachel Johnson for an interview with The Sunday Times. He discussed why he is no longer a Labour voter, “What separates me from [Corbyn’s] Labour Party: I was not born in a communist country. I am not a communist. I am an individual. I come from a council estate and lived on £17 a week and I rose to live in a house like this because I’m an individual who has expressed individual thoughts. I am an artist. I did it for me. I’m not going to have an ideology saying I can’t have this. British people aren’t communists. It’s as simple as that. I bumped into Tony Blair at Claridge’s a few months ago and I said to Tony, ‘I bet you’re glad you’re out of politics now,’ and Tony said, ‘In fact, I’m not. I wish I was fucking back in it because it’s fucked.'”

Despite being named Noel, he described his hatred towards the festive period: “I just remember it being a lot of sadness. The endless dark nights, the sadness. When my parents split up at last it was a relief. When my mam walked out I was, like, thank God for that. I just remember tension, I wanted it all to be over. The family gatherings — I mean, the nearest thing I’ve ever seen to real Christmas is the Royle family, where it’s a bit shit. Tray on my lap, that’s my idea of a real-life Christmas. Christmas Day’s the longest day, longer than D-Day — and more stressful. You’re sitting there exhausted, thinking, ‘And it’s only 11 o’clock.’ The significant thing in our family, this family here is that Donovan (my son) was conceived on Christmas Day. We were trying for a child and, you know, we tried on Christmas Day. And when we worked out backwards from his due date we realised. She’s (My wife) Scottish and believes in the perfect Christmas because those are the ones she had. And Sara has the present-buying gene. I’ll get in and find stacks of boxes. She buys presents for the whole of London. I’m always stressing that I’m bringing everyone down to my level. if you grow up in a house full of arguments, you will grow up as we became.”