Liam Gallagher says his solo album will have an acoustic ‘Lennony vibe’

Liam Gallagher will release his first solo album in 2017. He is mostly working on it alone, with only a few collaborators helping him.

Speaking about this album, he recently said that he “can’t be arsed” to write his own songs, and that he would prefer working in a band.


Liam admitted that “Noel was the songwriter of the band and I was the singer. I didn’t wanna be a songwriter. We can’t even fucking speak together; imagine writing a fucking song together.”

“I’m quite happy being the fucking cool bastard. I’m not arsed about writing songs – you do it because you have to”, he added.


Talking about the sound of the album, Liam said: ” It’s a pretty ‘Working Class Hero’ kinda thing, Lennony vibe, you know what I mean. It’s like acoustic.”

“Then there’s a couple of rock and roll tunes on there, but it’s not Oasis man,” he continued. “It’s not fucking stadium rock, you know what I mean?”.