“Liam Gallagher’ solo album is epic!”

“Liam Gallagher’ solo album is epic!”

During a new interview with NME, ‘Supersonic’ director Mat Whitecross, spoke about Liam solo album.


“Well, I’ve got to say one of those bucket list moments in my life was when we got a helicopter to go the premiere, he just turns to me and goes ‘Shall we listen to the new album then?’, then he pulls out these speakers and blasted it out as we were approaching Manchester.”

Whitecross added that “It was epic and it just blew me away. I think everyone’s in for a treat. It’s fantastic.”

Regarding the comparison to Oasis’s material he replied I probably shouldn’t talk about it too much because it’s not my place to say, and it was demos that I listened to, he hasn’t finished it yet but it was very stripped down, very raw.”

“It reminded me of T’he Velvet Underground’ and I know it’s very fashionable to put people down in the public eye, but I think Liam’s as passionate about music now as he ever has been. If people gave the new album a proper fair and proper listen, they’re in for a treat.”

Source: NME