Liam Gallagher smashes Oasis classics during massive Leeds Festival set

Liam Gallagher smashes Oasis classics during massive Leeds Festival set

Liam Gallagher delivered a thunderous set at Leeds Festival tonight that saw him cover Oasis classics and very nearly threaten to steal every inch of glory from Muse. 

Despite taking second billing on the main stage, the ex-Oasis man treated the performance like a headline occasion as he mixed songs from his new solo album with those of his most famous band.

Opening songs don’t come much better than ‘Rock and Roll Star’, and tonight it proved the perfect choice as LG began by reminding fans of how he initially went about cementing his status as a rock icon.

It’s  an immediate throwback vibe that continues straight away with ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’, which resultes in the flare-igniting glory that Oasis effortlessly achieved at their very peak.

But from herein, it’s a performance that looks at Liam in the now, with recent single ‘Wall of Glass’ received by the crowd like an old friend.

It’s a similar story as he performs ‘For What It’s Worth’, which  prompted the kind of lighters-in-the-air singalong that he hasn’t received since ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ was first released more than 20 years ago.

That said, there’s still time for a huge rendition of Oasis’ ‘D’you Know What I Mean’, and a performance of ‘Slide Away’ that receives the warmest reaction of the night.

And as the set draws to an end, there’s only one way he can possibly end it.

“You’ve come all this way and I’ve come all this way”, a triumphant Liam tells the crowd.

“I’m gonna do that Wonderwall shit”.

You wouldn’t expect anything less.

Source: NME