Liam Gallagher speaks about “Slowthai” and “Fat White Family” for his next UK Tour

Liam Gallagher speaks about “Slowthai” and “Fat White Family” for his next UK Tour

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he’ll touring the UK in November – and that he hopes to take Slowthai and Fat White Family with him.

He told Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1 yesterday “I’ve seen him (slowthai) on Soccer AM, and he had a bit of a Johnny Rotten vibe about him, Think he’s going to come on tour with us in November. Because it’s all right having a load of guitar bands on there, but it does get a bit. I’ve never met him, like I said, but I think he’s going to play with us in November.”

Speaking about Fat White Family he said “My oldest boy, Lennon’s really into them. He played me this tune. When we were on holiday in LA, I think it was last year, and one of them sounded a bit like. Is it ‘Nightclub’ by Iggy Pop and that? Yeah, and I was like that, and I think I just had a bit of a spliff as well, and I was walking up. I think I was going for a little walk to have a little five minute moment with myself, you know like you do? Like you do.”

He added: “Because I’m not a seasoned ganja freak, you know what I mean? I was going, ‘I’m going to get off’. and as I was walking across the hallway that tune come in, and it spun me completely out, and I was going, ‘Lennon, who is this?’ And he’s going, ‘Fat White Family.’ That’s a good tune. But no, I think they’re definitely out there, man. I was thinking of that (taking them on tour) but I don’t think Fat White Family… They’re still into being an underground… They don’t want the showbiz, man. They’re not after showbiz.”

Source: SCYHO