Liam Gallagher would “crack politicians round the head” if he spotted them taking drugs

Liam Gallagher
 has said that he would hit a politician “round the head” if he saw one dabbling with drugs.

The former Oasis frontman recently said he should run for Number 10 and admitted that his extensive drug use would stand him in good stead for the role.

But as the Tory leadership narrows down to just Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, Liam says he’s not in favour of drug-taking politicians.

“If I did see a politician taking drugs he’d get a crack round the head,” he told BBC Breakfast’s Colin Paterson. “I’d say, ‘What are you doing, you doughnut’. They’re meant to be running the country, aren’t they?”

Despite his extensive years of partying, Liam also says that he’s never seen a politician taking drugs.

“No, I don’t hang about with politicians, and I don’t hang out with celebrities who hang out with politicians or these fake rock’n’roll stars that hang out with politicians,” he said. “I just hang out with my missus and my kids and my mates. I don’t knock about in that vibe.”

He also said that the Tories should not get another chance to run the UK. “Get the other party in or whoever’s next, not just Labour, the Green Party or whoever else it is,” he said.

Source: NME