Marr on Noel’s new album: “Fans are going to really like it.”

Marr on Noel’s new album: “Fans are going to really like it.”

Johnny Marr has spoken about Noel’s new album admitting that “Fans are going to really like it.”


In the last week Noel Gallagher has talked a lot about his “mate” and “top man” Johnny Marr about several occasions in which we’ll see them together.

The duo had a collaboration in the last Noel’s album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ and they’ll perform together on the stage of the O2 Academy Brixton on Thursday.

Now, it is the turn of Marr to say something about working with Noel and the features of ‘Chasing Yesterday’.

“He contacted me and said he had a song that he’d be happy for me to play on,” Marr says. “I accepted, gladly, and it was really good to spend a day playing guitar in a little studio near Chelsea Bridge. When that was done I listened to about eight songs on the album.”

About the features of the new album, Marr states:

“It’s really good. What I heard of it was very melodic, some of it pretty rocking too, and fans are going to really like it. He doesn’t do things he doesn’t think are great. And his singing is really good on the album.”

Finally, according to him, ‘Chasing Yesterday’ could prove more of a challenge than Noel’s first solo album released in 2011:

“In some ways it might be more of a challenge than the first, because he’s building on a successful solo career, essentially on his own. But he’s smart and everyone knows he knows what he’s doing.”

As it has been announced during the last week, Marr appears on the closing track of Gallagher’s new album ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’, which will be the second single.

Source: NME

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