Noel on his relationship with Liam: “We’re on good terms.”

Noel on his relationship with Liam: “We’re on good terms.”

“Me and Liam are well beyond that now. It’s not like I wouldn’t do it because of Ourkid, we’re on good terms.”

This is part of what Noel said on 2fm speaking to Jenny Greene and Nicky Byrne and talking about the constant rumors and questions about the Oasis reunion. As you probably remember, the reunion was also the subject of the first question asked by a fan during Noel’s Q&A session last Monday: even if his answer was really calm and witty, he has never given signs of thinking about the reunion of the band.

In his talk he told about the annoying fact of being confused with his brother and being called Liam – fact that happened few nights ago with “loads of posh people” – and the take-for-granted reunion of Oasis as something that is set to happen.
Noel explained that the reunion won’t take place not because of the relationship with Liam (“It’s got nothing to do with my brother. Creatively, I don’t think I could take a backward step now. It’s got nothing to do with Liam.”) but because of the creative process in which he is involved now. He said he really enjoys where he is with his music, his band and his thing.
In the end, he was asked if he’d rather wear a Manchester United shirt or reform Oasis.
Quite predictably, he answered: “I’d rather reform Oasis than wear a Man Utd shirt. I wouldn’t do that, not even if I was mentally disturbed.”

Source: Kulbritania

Image: Kevin Cummins