Marr on Noel’ solo material: “It’s very clever and cool.”

Marr on Noel’ solo material: “It’s very clever and cool.”

Johnny Marr came back to talk about his friend Noel’ solo material defining it “very clever and cool.”


“Noel’s done a clever thing, he’s managed to make his solo career very natural and incorporate a new kind of sound.”

“It has that kind of cool, rolling clubby sort of feel to it with his singing over the top.” said Johnny Marr talking about Noel’s new solo album.

Q Magazine asked Marr about the guitar on which he had written The Smiths‘Panic’ he sent Noel many years ago and that Noel smashed during an altercation on stage:

“They were on tour in Newcastle and I got a frantic phone call saying there’d been an altercation on stage and the guitar had been broken so I went to the shed, dusted off the one I did ‘The Queen is Dead’ on and sent it up to him. He’s still got it.”

As Noel said during his first appearance in October to announce his new album, Marr worked with him and played in the last track of ‘Chasing Yesterday’ that will be also the next single that will be released.

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