Noel Gallagher talks about his new secret project on BBC Radio 4

Noel Gallagher on Monday talked to John Wilson for ‘BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes’ at Maida Vale and for the first time he said a little about a secret project he has.

It consists of ten songs backing track recorded but with only two lines of lyrics, since he finds them amazing as instrumentals. Wilson asked him if it was a soundtrack and he said that it will be an album if he can put words for it.

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Moreover, he told that the lyric of “AKA… What a Life!” came after a chat with Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian. In fact, Serge asked Noel if he was still sleepwalking and when Noel answered he was, Serge said “What a life!”
Noel also stated that “AKA… What a Life!” and “If I Had a Gun” would have been Oasis songs and he has a lot of material left from Oasis era.
He said most of the songs on the Internet that have yet to be released will probably never get recorded as he constantly writing newer songs.
What are his plans for the future after ‘Chasing Yesterday’? “Not to take a long break”.

Here, you can find the acoustic performance of Noel at BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes.

Source: stopcryingyourheartoutnews