Noel Gallagher about being a frontman: “I was apprehensive. I’d done it before only because Liam had fucked off backstage”

Noel Gallagher has talked about being a frontman for the first time after he left Oasis.


He admits he was uneasy about embarking on his first tour as a frontman.

“I was apprehensive about what the crowd might think,” he recalls. “I knew that first record was great… that it was in the top three easily that I’ve ever done. I wasn’t really worried about that. [But] I’d never done it (been a solo artist) before. I’d done gigs before because Liam had fucked off backstage to look at himself in the mirror. You were trying to salvage something from the wreckage. This was like, ‘You’re asking people to pay to come and see you‘.”

And the success of his second solo album, Chasing Yesterday, re-affirmed a theory he’s long held: that “the songs are king”. “If they’re good, it doesn’t matter what’s going on onstage. As long as what comes out of the speakers is great, who gives a fuck who’s singing and in what kind of clothes.”

Source: Tone Deaf