Noel Gallagher about Oasis documentary: “I’ve seen lots of footage that I didn’t know existed”

Noel Gallagher has recently talked about Oasis documentary, which will be released this year and made by the team behind Amy.


“What I can tell you is I’ve done about 16 hours’ worth of interviews for it,” Gallagher says in mock exasperation. “The people that are doing the research have been … there’s lots of things that I’ve forgotten about. I’ve seen lots of footage that I didn’t know existed. You never know what these things are going to turn out like. They’ve been talking to lots of people who were around at the time. As these things progress, everybody is going ‘oh, it’s great, it’s great’. Well, we’ll see when it comes out.”
Asked which bits he’d forgotten about, he says: “I’d forgotten how fucking good I was. I was fucking brilliant. But, you know, I’m not sure how successful it (the documentary) will be.”
What does he mean?
“One of us will have to die.”
We hope that’s not on the horizon.
“Well, fingers crossed it’s not me,” he responds. “I’ve got a lot of shit going on next year.”

Source: Tone Deaf