Noel Gallagher about reunion: “When I close my eyes I don’t see it happen”

Here’s part of Noel Gallagher interview with The Australian before his exhibition at Bluefestival in Byron Bay, Australia, on 28th of March.


Interviewer: “I saw something the other day, you said – Oasis might be back as long as Liam is not with them”

Noel Gallagher (laughing): “Did i say that? It’s the kind of thing I could say. You know, as long as everyone is still alive I guess there’s always a chance. I’ve got a lot of things I’d like to do. And I think if Oasis hadn’t reached its full potential it might be interesting to go back, if there was unfunished business, but there’s no unfinished business, you know what I mean? We started from nothing and we became everything to a generation of people. There’s nothing more that we can say about that group that we haven’t already said. Unless…there’s a chance it could happen for the money, there’s nothing wrong with money, cause money is amazing. But when I close my eyes I don’t see it happen”.

Source: The Australian