Noel Gallagher: “I struggle and fear if the biggest pop phenomenon of the last ten years is Adele”

Noel Gallagher: “I struggle and fear if the biggest pop phenomenon of the last ten years is Adele”

Here’s part of Noel gallagher interview for Music Feeds before his performance at Bluesfestival.



Noel Gallagher started talking about Chasing Yesterday, High Flying Birds latest album, that it’s now 1 year old. He says “I went off a couple of songs and for some kind of reasons i went back into some songs i went off, the good ones still sound good a year after, i think it’s total alright”. He continued saying that today people don’t buy album so it’s hard to judge which album is more successful. “But people who come to my shows seem to like it, so, what can I say?”

“To be a worldwide indipendent artist is not cool. No private jet anymore, not any limos…but it’s a lot more honorable”.

“Nobody knows where it’s gonna end off the music industry and i can’t have people younger than me telling me what to do. I fucking knife people for that! So it’s the best if i’m not involved with them!”


“If you think at the biggest in the nineties, i don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the world, i don’t really care, i’m talking about U.K., in the nineties the biggest records of the year were more often by bands who wrote their own music, played live. Now the biggest records of the year are by bands who don’t write their own music and who rarely play live and to me that’s not real, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I was grown with music of the sixties, and the seventies and the eighties when the biggest bands in the world were actually real band. I struggle and fear for where we are gonna be ten years from now if the biggest pop phenomenon of the last ten years is Adele”

“We’re living in an era where singles songwriters don’t even write their own fucking songs, ok? So, if you’re in trouble writing a song, this is a radical fucking solution, do you know what you should do? Join a band! Most of the solo artists have a team of songwriters behind, and you know what? The songs aren’t saying anything to anyone. Not that i’m an advocate of the songs having great strong messages, but they should come from the soul of the person who is performing it”.

“The band we can still think are new, like Kasabian or the Arctic Monkeys, they’re ten years old now. So i’m struggling thinking of a band who is coming along in the last five years that have had any impact and i’m talking about bands playing guitar”.

Asked about the DMA’S he said: “I’ve heard of them, i haven’t heard anything by them. They’ve not made a noise in England yet. So i don’t know anything about them. Apparently they sound like Oasis which clearly must mean they’re fucking amazing. I keep hearing their name particularly now that i’m in Australia, i’d be interested to check about them”.

About his exhibition to Blueasfestiva: “I’m gonna play at Bluefestival and i’m of course one of the famous blues artist of my generation”.

Whatch below the video of the full interview.

Source: Music Feeds