Noel Gallagher about skaters: “They can fuck themselves”… And skaters respond.

Yesterday the footage of Noel Gallagher made the rounds on Instagram, recorded during Portuguese festival Super Bock Super Rock.


In the clip, Noel shared a few unabashed sentiments on skateboarding, stating “skateboarders can quite frankly go and fuck themselves.”
Among others, professional skaters Alex Olson (“Don’t throw stones in a glass house, Liam…. If you wanna talk about falling off,Let’s talk about that career of yours?“) and Keith Hufnagel (“Skateboarders go fuck yourself #waitwhat“) have responded to the interview on Instagram, sharing the clip on their personal accounts.

But the argument is not ended.
Earlier today – while on the bus from Vienna to Munich – Noel has uploaded on his Instagram account eight pictures of people and animals skating, adding funny sentences. The last one was: “So my 5 hour bus ride from Vienna to Munich has unfortunately come to an end. You may have guessed I was bored out of my tiny mind. You keep it real now skater boyz”.

Source: Highsnobiety