Richard Ashcroft says he wants ‘to make a musical with Oasis’

Richard Ashcroft says he wants ‘to make a musical with Oasis’

Richard Ashcroft has recently said that he wants to work with Oasis on a musical production.

The Verve frontman, who releases new solo album ‘These People‘ on May 14, made the claims in a new interview with Noisey as part of their British Masters’ documentary series.


In the clip, Ashcroft is asked what working with Noel and Liam Gallagher would be like, to which he replied about Noel: “The pros are that he’s an amazing songwriter. So if I get 50 per cent on the publishing [royalties] then it’s obviously cha-ching for both of us. I’m an amazing lyricist and I’ve got incredible melodies so the combo is great.”

He added: “There’s also a lot of pros working with Liam, but there’s a lot of negatives working with either of them and not working with the other one. It’s like being a brother in the middle.”

Last year, Noel Gallagher said he’d be interested in making an album with Ashcroft. Ashcroft responds in the clip: “It’s a real nice compliment for me for Noel [to say that]”.

“I would love to do a musical with them both,” Ashcroft added of working with Noel and Liam. “I’d like to do a musical of [Verve] songs combined [with Oasis songs] in a story of both our youths and the combination at the end and the fact that we have crossed paths, been mates [and] looked after each other.”

Source: NME