Noel Gallagher: “As long as I’m growing hair, I’m writing songs”

American Songwriter met Noel Gallagher at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees festival.
Few months ago he had declared that “maybe he will retire from playing live“. Now, he says, referring to his “magnificent hair”: “When it falls out, I’m going to retire. As long as I’m growing hair, I’m writing songs.”
The conversation turned to whether or not rock and roll has an expiration date – with his countrymen The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney touring into their seventies, will Noel, now 48, still be leading crowds through chants of “Champagne Supernova” in his golden years? Maybe, as long as the ol’ hair holds up. “If you see a little bald patch somewhere you should be like, ‘Oh, we better go see him. Not going to be much longer.’”

“I’m seen like an eccentric fucking old man who always sat in the corner calling everyone a twat. It’s bizarre, I could go into an interview and say, ‘I don’t want to be asked about X-Y-Z and ask to see the questions before, and then rehearse [the answers]. But life’s too short for that, and it’s not real. That’s why music is shit now. Publicists, making the artists scared to say anything.”

Source: American Songwriter