Noel Gallagher: “Any band will ever do what Oasis did” and “Beady Eye performed all my songs from Oasis”

In his latest interview with American Songwriter, Noel Gallagher talked about Oasis and what the band did, and he said:

“I’m going to talk purely in British terms right now, but I don’t think any band will ever do what Oasis did, in the size and terms and scale of it. But there will come a point where a full generation of kids will be fucking sick to death of modern rock.”
He’s had enough of people making records “in their fucking bedroom” – there’s nothing sacred, or privileged about the process anymore. You don’t have to earn the right to record music.
“If anything, we were the last great band of the analog era,” he says. “Our music was the last great gathering before the internet.”


He then talked about Beady Eye and Liam, the material they had and the songs they performed: “I did have a little laugh to myself. Because those guys in the band were very quick to promote their own music, and very quick after we split up to say I was holding them back as songwriters. So when they went to do Oasis songs, do they do any of their own? No, they did all mine.”

So does Liam even have a right to play those tunes? “Well, he wrote about ten Oasis songs. He has a right to do those. Does he have the right? Everybody has the right. He can cover any of my songs,” he laughed.

Source: American Songwriter