Noel Gallagher: “Can’t wait for One Direction’s new Oasis inspired album”

One Direction member Liam Payne has claimed that the boyband’s new album sounds like Oasis.

He declared that their next album is “coming together really well” and that the new “great” songs the group have been recording are “kind of like a bit Oasis-y almost”.


In a live conversation with Alyona Minkovski about his second solo album, “Chasing Yesterday,” Noel Gallagher addressed Payne’s claim. “Honestly, I cannot wait to listen to what their version of ‘Oasis-y’ means,” he said.
But, “What if it’s brilliant though?” Gallagher said. “What if it’s amazing?”
He then made it quite clear that he “doesn’t mind One Direction. They’re harmless, aren’t they?” he sentenced.

Source: Kulbritania