Noel Gallagher dismisses Albarn’s offer of collaboration: “It was a flippant comment”

Noel Gallagher said he has listened to the new Blur album ‘The Magic Whip’, however he has distanced himself from previous reports about a possible collaboration with Damon Albarn in the future.


“The thing with Damon was a flippant comment as casually thrown around as ‘We should go for a drink’,” Gallagher told a fan who had quizzed the musician during the Reddit Ask Me Anything session, “As for makin’ an album, I would be amazed if either of us ever had the time to make that work.”
About Blur’s latest album he said:  “I like the tracks ‘Lonesome Street’ and ‘Ong Ong’,” he said. “I haven’t heard any of the rest of it, but if those two tracks are anything to go by, sounds like it’s going to be good.”

In April Albarn told NME: “I still see Noel from time to time. We text a bit… I can imagine [a collaboration] being a very distinct possibility at some point in the future. But, as yet we haven’t really talked about it,” adding, “OK we have a little bit. We’re talking. It’s not anything to get excited about yet… but the principle of us making music together is something… you know, it would be fair to say, we have discussed it at least once.”

Source: NME