Noel Gallagher Explains The Oasis Fan-Cycle And Getting Them To Accept A New Style

Noel Gallagher spoke to Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio about the the Oasis fan-cycle and getting them to accept a new style.

He said “They do have a sense of ownership of your thing.  It’s like with this record now, that’s coming out, it’s quite different to what I do, it’s more electronic, people singing in French.  The thing with Oasis is, it generates a new generation of fans every five or six years, and it feels like there’s a generation that’s come along now and they’re really young, and they have an image of what they think you should be and they take ownership of it.”

“It’s definitely nice and all that, but when you’re in the studio creating something, you can’t think: what do my fans want?  You can’t think that.  So, when you go to do the gigs, as long as you can play what you want, then you play what they want as well, you know, you give them a blast from the past then you’re all good”

“When you go and see Paul McCartney, it’s like, imagine if he only did Wings’ stuff, you’d be like: alright, we get it, come on, but… you know.  Give us A Hard Day’s Night.”

Full interview to be played on Absolute Radio on Sunday 26th November 8pm.


Source: Stopcryingyourheartout