Noel Gallagher has two albums worth of songs ready to go

Noel Gallagher spoke to Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio and told him he has two albums worth of songs ready to go.

He said “My producer, David Holmes, he just refused any song that I’d written outside of the studio, he didn’t want to know.  He wanted to be there, at the genesis of this idea, and then he would point me in a different direction.”

“Every time I would come up with stuff that sounded remotely like Oasis, or what I’d done before, he would stop me and say, “We’ve heard all that, you can do that next time.  Why don’t we focus on this germ of electronic music, and turn that into a song?”  And I found it, for the first 18 months, 2 years, quite frustrating, because I’ve got a bank of songs at home, completed, ready to go out, I’ve got another two albums worth, easy.  I’ve got a lot of songs that just need knocking into shape.  But David Holmes would stroke my ego by saying, “The acoustic guitar thing, you’re the greatest!  You’re the best in the world, nobody can touch you, but… you know, I don’t like it!” …okay, well, okay – pass me the synthesiser.”

Full interview to be played on Absolute Radio tomorrow – Sunday 26th November 8pm.