Noel Gallagher: “I’m not sure if Weller is talking to me after that U2 thing…”

Hot Press had a chat with Noel Gallagher and, when asked about Paul Weller, he said: “Weller, I’m not sure if he’s talking to me after that U2 thing.” What ‘U2 thing’?

“The album. He’s never liked U2, mainly because of the haircuts. And the clothes. And the shoes. The day Songs Of Innocence miraculously appeared I got a disgusted text from Paul saying, ‘Why do I have their fucking album on my computer? You’re a mate of Bono’s; you must have known, you cunt!’ I was like, ‘Why would they keep it secret from everyone else in the world except me?’ It didn’t change anything; Weller still thought I was a cunt!”


“It’s not something I’d do myself, but U2’s people obviously crunched the numbers and, with all that money from Apple, releasing it that way made sense. I can’t get worked up about it too much either way.”
Source: Hot Press