Noel Gallagher says he “should make a record with Richard Ashcroft”

In the current issue of the NME Noel Gallagher talked about Richard Ashcroft:

“I haven’t seen Richard for ages, but whatever he’s doing I hope he’s making a record. I don’t know anyone who’s got his phone number. The one he gave me he never answers. He lives in a big stately home and I imagine he’s just stoned thinking “What is that f*cking noise?”. That ‘United Nations Of Sound’ record was a f*cking great record. I should make a record with him.”


When he was asked if it would upset Liam, he answered: “Oh, that would be war. The fact you’ve now put that in my head means I’m definitely going to follow that through. Hopefully he might give himself a black eye”.

Source: NME