Noel Gallagher is working on new material

Noel Gallagher is working on new material

Two days ago, Gallagher spoke to none other than Matt Morgan, on the former Radio X host’s podcast, ‘Funny How?’.

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Now for the exciting stuff…

Noel says that he has ‘properly’ started recording again, though we can’t make heads or tails what it is leading up to, it is most likely a fourth LP under the moniker for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Obviously.

If so, this will be the follow-up to 2017′s ‘Who Built the Moon?’ LP. 

Since the release of the third LP, 3 extended play’s have also followed in the wake of the Stranded On The Earth World Tour 2017/2018 for Who Built the Moon?, and carried into 2019 by extension, with the debut of the ‘Black Star Dancing EP’ in June 2019.

‘This Is The Place EP’ then tore onto store shelves the same year in September. Followed by this year’s drop of the ‘Blue Moon Rising EP’ finally making its way to our ears.

The first two EP’s preceded an actual 2019 Holiday single, ‘Wandering Star’, and brought us a joyful music video to enjoy before the final EP’s release.

Although recording sessions have begun in London, we do not know the name of the specific studio Gallagher is using. If Tileyard Studios is any indication for his recent recording stint of the John Lennon cover, well then there you go. But we cannot confirm if that is the recording location this time around.

Source: TalesFromTheMightyI