Noel Gallagher jokes that Russell Brand has “serial killer tendencies”

Noel Gallagher jokes that Russell Brand has “serial killer tendencies”

Noel Gallagher is great friends with Russell Brand and the pair recently attended the Premier League soccer match between their beloved Manchester City and West Ham at the Boleyn Ground stadium in London last month.


However, during their drive to the match Noel couldn’t help but notice that Russell, 40, keeps wet wipes under his sun visors which he thinks could be a sign that his pal has murderous tendencies.
Speaking as he hosted a special show for Absolute Radio – which can be listened to at – Noel said: ”I spent the day with him recently. He took me to see a match a couple of weeks ago. He drove us from the house in Maida Vale to West Ham which is the other side of the river. It was brilliant. I never get him in a car for more than five minutes. I was in the Range Rover with him … I always find it weird that under the sun visors he has wet wipes. Now that’s serial killer gear that innit? The wet wipes. If you have ever seen ‘Making a Murderer, you’ll understand what the wet wipes thing is. Who has wet wipes in the car. What you doing in there?”

Noel also revealed Russell refused to let a fire engine trying to get to a call out as they drove to the game.
He added: ”When we were in the Range Rover there was a big flashing light behind him. It was a fire engine, obviously on the way to a fire, trying to overtake us. And he wouldn’t let this thing past. And when they were blowing their horn, he was kept looking in the wing mirror going, who is it, who is it? And I was like, it’s a massive fire engine, can’t you see that.”

Source: TV3