Noel Gallagher refused to sing at Lars Ulrich’s wedding

Noel Gallagher refused to sing at Lars Ulrich’s wedding

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is a huge Oasis fan and became firm friends with Noel Gallagher after they met in the mid-90s.


Lars was desperate for Noel to serenade him and model Jessica Miller when they tied the knot but the 48-year-old musician refused to be a wedding singer for one night.
Speaking as he hosted a special show for Absolute Radio – which can be listened to at – Noel said: “Lars is great you see. He’s a huge Oasis fan. And he’s a friend of mine.”
“The first autograph I ever signed on American soil was for Lars. I didn’t even know it was him. He said, could you make it out to Lars Ulrich and I wasn’t looking at him. I said, what the drummer from Metallica? And he went yeah. And I looked and there he was. I was just like, god.”
“I love Lars. I speak to him irregularly quite often. He asked me to perform at his wedding. I declined that – that was a bit weird. But he’s a good lad Lars.”

Lars has always been fulsome in his praise for Noel and his talents as a songwriter. He previously revealed Oasis has been the “soundtrack” to his life, saying: “Oasis has been the soundtrack to my life for the last 20-plus years on this wonderful planet. ‘I have stories and pictures in my mind that go along with everything, from the first time I heard particular songs and read certain articles, to hearing about the band’s shenanigans and festivities.”

Source: Sunday World