Noel Gallagher “Liam’s a wrecking ball.”

Noel Gallagher “Liam’s a wrecking ball.”

In his latest interview with Vogue, Noel Gallagher (who declared to be still drunk from the previous night out – he was at Annabel’s for the Love party held in honor of Madonna) talked about his opinions on fashion and his brother Liam.


What sort of relationship do you have with the fashion world these days? I know you and your brother Liam used to move in those circles during the Oasis years [most famously with Kate Moss], and Liam has since started up his own clothing line, Pretty Green [which sells mod-inspired looks].
Everybody likes nice clothes, but I’m not from the school of thought where I think a scarf can change the world. Give me music over fashion—actually give me them both at the same time. I like buying nice clothes, but I don’t tend to overthink it. The thing that differs between me and my fucking . . . uh, brother is that he was always obsessed with looking good, and I’m continually obsessed with beinggood. As long as the music’s good, nobody cares about what you fucking wear. D’you know what I mean? If your songs are OK, then your songs will seem better if you look good—like those fuckwits from Maroon 5. The tattoos take your mind off the fact that they’re shit. OK? Right? But with Oasis, it was “God those fuckin’ songs are great.” It’s all about the music.

Is it fair to say that you and your brother Liam are opposite in every single aspect, opinion, belief, interest, and general manner in which you live your lives?

Is there anything you’re on the same page about, other than the DNA inherent in your physical bodies?
We both believe wholly in Manchester City, our football team. That’s the only thing we have in common. Other than that it’s two sides of the same coin, really—it’s what made Oasis what it was: It was my industry and songs, and his chaos and pyrotechnics. And you couldn’t have one without the other: Liam without me clearly crashed and failed. Me without Liam is never going to sell out stadiums around the world, but I can live with that.

Do the two of you go to City games together?
We don’t go together, but we see each other at games from time to time.

Do you exchange Christmas presents?
We never did—ever.

What’s the nicest thing you could say about Liam? What’s his best quality?
He always remains true to himself at all times. I admire people who just truly don’t give a fuck. He has that freedom, and that’s a good thing, I think. There’s a little bit of that in me, but there’s another side that actually gives a fuck, which kind of slows you down in a way. Liam’s a wrecking ball, and we all wish we were like that sometimes. Only for a day though—you can’t live your life like that.

Speaking of getting a job: Now that his post-Oasis band, Beady Eye, broke up, what does Liam do all day long?
I think he probably is working on, you know, developing the perfect desert boot. You know that thing they have in Switzerland, the Hadron Collider, where they’re just smashing atoms into each other to see what the fuck happens? I think he’s got one of those in his house which is just throwing desert boots at each other, in the hope that they will fuckin’ create some kind of fusion, and out will pop the perfect desert boot that will never be bettered by any other human being.

Source: Vogue