Noel Gallagher “This part of my career is like Breaking Bad” and Kanye West is “entertaining”

Noel Gallagher “This part of my career is like Breaking Bad” and Kanye West is “entertaining”

In his latest interview with Vogue, Noel gallagher talked about music: from his album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ to pop music and Kanye West who is “entertaining”.

Your new album seems like a wild departure from your earlier stuff, including your first solo record. Do you see it that way?
The most recent song I’ve written and completed is that track “The Right Stuff,” OK? And if you put it against the first song that I ever had out, which is “Supersonic,” they’re probably as far removed as you’re likely to get in the field of what it is I do. But if you’ve been on the trip with me, it’s the next logical step, I think.

How do you explain the sound of the new record compared to your old band?
I’m going to give you an analogy here. If you could sum up my career with films, Oasis was a cross between The Wolf of Wall Street and Saving Private Ryan—it was all about the struggle and the chaos. My first solo album was like Titanic—it was a love story—and this part of my career is like a really cool TV series, like Breaking Bad. Yeah?

Actually, I’ve got to do a lot of thinking about that.
Well, Oasis was an all-action big-budget thriller, y’know what I mean? Planes crashing on beaches . . . and this is a bit more serene and majestic and a bit more interesting. A film is one story, but a TV series can go on for months and get inside your brain with different twists and turns, which is how I see it at the minute.


Your brother Liam tweeted, about the show: “Kanye West. Utter Shit.” Do you share his opinion?
I like him because I think he’s very very entertaining. I like his interviews—they’re nearly as good as mine—and I liked the look of [his Brits performance]. I think it’s best listened to with the sound down, though. I do like “Black Skinhead”—I think that track is amazing—and I do like him because I think he’s slightly otherworldly, but I wouldn’t say I’m a super fan of his music.

Does it get harder for a champion of rock like yourself to criticize the sort of commercial pop music—Ed Sheeran, One Direction, that sort of thing—that the Brits generally celebrate, now that, from what I’ve read, your daughter’s listening to this stuff now?
Of course, of course—she’s into what she’s into. There is hope, because she did say to me recently, “I heard the Stone Roses yesterday—they were pretty good, weren’t they?” And I think, yes, they fucking were. But she has to seek it out for herself—we don’t have, like, Beatles Sunday at my house, where we all sit and discuss the White Album. Well, not anymore anyway—not since the incident [laughs]. But kids have got to make their own choices. I don’t want my daughter’s record collection to be the same as mine—I don’t want her to be as cool as me.

Source: Vogue