Noel Gallagher: ‘Many fans don’t want Oasis to reunite — because they’ve got f***ing lives’

Noel Gallagher: ‘Many fans don’t want Oasis to reunite — because they’ve got f***ing lives’

While countless nostalgic Britpop aficionados still yearn for the day when Oasis’s Gallagher brothers will once again share a stage —

and even younger sibling Liam, who released his debut album As You Were in October, seems more interested in getting back with Oasis than pursuing his own solo career — Noel Gallagher isn’t looking back, in anger or otherwise. Instead, he released his most forward-thinking, adventurous, and ambitious album yet, Who Built the Moon?.

A kaleidoscopic, four-years-in-the-making project produced by electronic artist/DJ/film composer David Holmes and drawing inspiration from French jazz, psychedelic pop, soul, disco, ambient music, Brian Eno, and even Kanye West, it sounds like nothing the 50-year-old Mancunian rock idol has recorded before. It doesn’t sound like Oasis, at least.

The elder Gallagher is well aware that the bold sonic departure of his “divisive” third album with High Flying Birds will rankle some old-school fans, aka the “parka monkeys,” and that many of those fans will never give up hoping for an Oasis reunion. But he has no desire to revisit the past — and he claims that his estranged brother doesn’t really want to get the old band back together either.
“I think that Liam knows very well that there isn’t going to be a reunion,” Noel tells Yahoo Music. “So, it gives him absolute immunity to play his fans by saying, ‘I’ll do it!’ He knows it’s not going to happen. So, he can do the little f***ing dance and play to the gallery all he f***ing likes. I can assure you of this: He doesn’t want no reunion either, but he wants everybody to think that he does.”

Nowadays the brothers’ ongoing feud is often instigated by Liam Gallagher’s very active Twitter account, and while Noel prefers to stay off social media, he isn’t shy about bashing Liam in interviews, like Yahoo’s entertainingly mouthy Q&A below. Read on for more of his musings about Liam, the mixed reactions to Who Built the Moon?, the mysterious scissors player and the other women in his new band, and his famously lush head of hair.

Source: Yahoo