Noel Gallagher ready to record with Pharrell Williams

The Happy hit-maker is a massive Oasis fan and approached Noel for a collab. 

Their unlikely link-up would be a world away from the “no-nonsense rock ’n roll” his estranged sibling bangs on about.

Noel explained: “Pharrell Williams is a dude, he’s a big fan of mine.

“He asked me to work with him recently. He told me that N*E*R*D were massive fans of Oasis.


“He was No1 in 105 countries when he asked so does he really need to work with the guy from Oasis?”

However, it wasn’t the Oasis songs that really excited fashionista Pharrell.

Noel went on: “He goes: ‘You know what was as important as the songs?’


“And I’m thinking: ‘Nothing was as important as the songs.’ And he goes: ‘The f***ing sweaters man. Your sweaters were cool. Where did you buy the sweaters?’ And I’m thinking: ‘The sweaters?! Better than Live Forever?’ Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.”


Source: Daily Star