Noel Gallagher says Oasis ‘did more than you can think’ and wouldn’t survive now

Noel Gallagher says he doesn’t think Oasis would survive in today’s climate as fans only “read about half of what they got up to”. 

Noel says that despite their rock ‘n roll behaviour dominating headlines, fans aren’t aware what really went on behind the scenes. 

Chatting at the 2019 BMI Awards at London’s swanky Savoy Hotel, Noel said: “We were the best band of our era by a f***ing mile.

“We were the biggest band in the world for about a year and a half.

“We did more than any of you could imagine. 

“You only read about half of what we got up to.”

He tellingly added: “We wouldn’t survive in this climate, you know what I mean.

“But I don’t worry about it. I gave twenty odd years to that band. Everyday. I ran it. 

“Now I am doing something else.” 

Insisting he doesn’t begrudge his past overshadowing his successful solo career, Noel added: “When I eventually die at the age of 104 the news realms will say ex Oasis and I am cool with that.

“I am not bothered about my solo career being compared to that.”

Later this year, Noel will hit the road once more with his Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. 

Revealing he doesn’t fret about putting on a good show as he knows performing is in his bones, he explained: “I’ve been rehearsing but I don’t really care about the performing, it’s the songs that I care about. 

“It’s the writing. A gig is just an hour and a half, but a song lasts forever.

“A song can mean as much to people in Korea as it does in Manchester and that is a beautiful thing.”

Source: Daily Star