Noel Gallagher says “record labels just aren’t interested in working-class bands any more”

Noel Gallagher suggested record labels should sign more working-class bands. He complained that since Arctic Monkeys emerged 10 years ago, there haven’t been any great rock bands and the internet has had a negative impact. And he calls on labels to provide more support to new bands.

Speaking during an appearance on BBC Four’s ‘What Ever Happened To Rock ‘N’ Roll?‘, he said: ”In theory the internet and YouTube should be helping new bands get off the ground but it hasn’t – it’s got worse. The record labels just aren’t interested in working-class bands any more. [Rock’n’roll is not dead] as long as I’m still going, it’s fucking not. It’s there but it’s certainly lacking the re-generation process.”

Noel had already talked about Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, and now he states: ”Since the Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Razorlight and The Libertines there has been nothing. You name me one band since them. So that’s 10 years ago. So the evidence is that it is kind of in hibernation.”

Source: NME