Noel Gallagher says to MOJO “People want you to rewrite Don’t Look Back In Anger 14 times…”

Noel Gallagher says to MOJO “People want you to rewrite Don’t Look Back In Anger 14 times…”

During an interview with MOJO, Noel Gallagher talked about how he sometimes feels when he wrote new music.

Earlier this month the Mancunian songwriter has been interviewed by Mojo magazine in his studios in King Cross.

Noel Gallagher gave more details about his forthcoming records ‘Council Skies’.

It’s quite reflective but it’s not nostalgic.

Maybe Easy Now, which sounds quite Oasis-y. But the songs have a certain up-and-down mood to them. Pretty Boys is a fucking party tune. It’s my fourth studio album and it encompasses, I think, everything that I’ve done in the last 13 years.

The album follows 2017’s more experimental, David Holmes-produced ‘Who Built The Moon?’.

Due to the realities of lockdown, Noel Gallagher took a more back-to-basics approach for his initial songwriting this time around.

I wrote it on acoustic guitar, which is what I would do in the past,” he says. “It was the position that David Holmes took me out of when I was writing stood up at a fucking synthesizer on ‘Who Built The Moon?’. All that stuff was so far away from what I’m known for… The best songs I’ve written have always been inclusive and about ‘us’ rather than ‘me’, you know.

I feel, sometimes, that I’m defending my right to make music that’s not fucking indie rock and to jump around artistically. You feel like when you’re making Pretty Boy or [2019 EP] Black Star Dancing, you have to justify why you’re doing it, because people want you to rewrite fucking Don’t Look Back In Anger 14 times on an album…

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