Noel Gallagher would like to record an album of Oasis reworks

Noel Gallagher would like to record an album of Oasis reworks

After ther recently performance of ‘Live Forever’ for a session on BBC Radio 2, according to the Daily Star the older Gallagher admitted that he would do an entire LP of similar reworkings.

“I would be interested in doing an album of reworks in the style of that version.”
“A bunch of Oasis reworks might be nice to do.”

Speaking about his new version of ‘Live Forever’ he said:

“The original version is a young guy’s song who is singing it with his life in front of him. When I hit that chord, I was like, ‘Ah, this is like an old fella’s chord, who is looking back on his life.’”

He also spoke about the possibility of playing more Oasis song live on tour with an orchestra:

“When I am making a record, I don’t think about my legacy,” he said. “I am in the trenches with the songs and I follow my instincts. How they come out is how they come out. As a whole, High Flying Birds is a totally different set-up to Oasis. They couldn’t be more different.

“But when I put together a show, you have to merge the two. You can’t charge people £70 a ticket and not do a handful of Oasis songs, some of the most famous songs of the ’90s.”

He added: “There is always a plan to take that out properly with an orchestra on tour, but I am not sure when that will happen because of the COVID shit.”

Source: NME

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