The comeback of Liam Gallagher from the brink

The comeback of Liam Gallagher from the brink

Liam Gallagher is one of the most acclamated musician of the last two and half decades, but there was a moment when his career semmed to be ended.

After the split of Oasis, the Mancunian singer decided to go on forming Beady Eye, together his old bandmates Andy Bell, Gem Archer, Chris Sharrock, plus Jeff Wootton.

The first record ‘Different gear, still speeding’ had a great success, bringing the band around the world playing new songs in front of old Oasis’ fans.

Photo: Andrew Whitton 

But even if the second one ‘BE’ wasn’t a commercial failure, the demand of the tickets to see the band live decreased massively.

After a period of reflections, Liam decided to split up the band and the guitarist Andy Bell reformed his old band Ride.

Meanwhile, his older brother Noel, played in front of thousand fans with his new project ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’.

That was a tough periodo for Liam, also under the private life; in fact he went trough the end of his marriage with Nicole Appleton, and he was on tabloids for fathering an illegitimate child.

Speaking later about his dark period, in an interview with Huck Magazine he said:

“When Beady Eye split up, I could’ve knocked music on the head. It was like, ‘Fuck it. I’ve got a lot of shit goin’ on in me head. I haven’t got a band. I can’t be arsed lookin’ for a new one’”

“I had never done that. I joined The Rain, which were my mates, 20-something years ago. That turned into Oasis. Then Beady Eye was just sort of Oasis, so the thought of having to go lookin’ for bandmates filled me with dread.” 

“Do I really wanna be Liam Gallagher? Can I be arsed with the bullshit that goes with it? Maybe it’s time to walk away and not do anything. Then I got bored.”

Even if his future was musically uncertain, Liam was not worried to think about a come back for financial reasons.

But he would tried to do something for the last time to prove if that was still his path.

He announced the release of new solo tracks, even e remained unambitious about his intentions, and at the end of 2016 he was announced to play in some summer festivals like Reading & Leeds.

Those live shows gave him new vitality, and he discovered that he wasn’t only connected with old Oasis fans, but with a new young generation of them.

Also his Twitter account proved that there was a world waiting for him out there!

His come back single ‘Wall Of Glass’ brought a lot of success and in the summer of 2017 Liam was definitely the man of the moment.

Following the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, Oasis single ‘Live Forever’ became the song that helped piece the city back together, uniting people at their lowest moment.

His first gig back as a solo artist at Manchester Ritz was filmed and the rousing footage swirled across social media.

That was a new beginning and with the releas of his first solo record ‘As You Were’ Liam beacme the man of the people.

His second album ‘Why Me? Why Not.’ confirmed that the Mancunian singer is still alive and actually he’s working on his third solo record .

Source: Farout Magazine