Oasis members complain that they have not been paid for Supersonic documentary

Oasis members say they unlike Noel Gallagher were unpaid for Supersonic documentary.

Noel Gallagher is set to answer Oasis fans questions which hasn’t sat right with brother Liam Gallagher as Noel has taken digs at the fans, particularly those of the younger generation. This led to him exposing the fact neither himself or Bonehead were paid for the Supersonic documentary. Drummer, Tony McCarroll replied to Liam’s tweet saying the same thing and thought he was the only one of the participants to be given nothing for his time. Liam wrote via Twitter: “It’s funny how the gobtit doesn’t wanna know bout the greatest band ever slags it of all year round as he’s moved on but soon as there’s a few quid to be made he’s all fucking ears best thing since sautéed tofu LFUKING x” Later adding: “Me n bonehead sat on interviews for supersonic did press all good loved it not 1 fucking penny did me and rasta B get from it arsed not in for the money but some shit shoveler