Oasis tribute band appeared on ‘Eastenders’… And fans mistook them for the real band.

Ed Sheeran appeared in Home And Away, Morrissey made a cameo on Brookside, but… What about Oasis reforming for Eastenders? Surely not?


That’s what some confused viewer thought had actually happened this week when a tribute band called Noasis played Danny Dyer’s stag party on the show.

Dyer explained: “[The show creator] Dom came to me and said ‘Look, I want a Danny Dyer stag night’ and I said ‘Are you fucking sure about that?’ and he said ‘yes’.”
“I love Oasis, so we got Noasis, the tribute band, and a big ice thing called a luge that you drink vodka through. It was the ultimate bender in the Vic.”
As one fan put it: “Omg @Oasis are scraping the barrel aren’t they? They’ll be on Strictly next”.
Yep, exactly.

Source: NME