Quotes that prove that Noel Gallagher is the funniest rockstar alive…

Whether you think Noel is a straight talking sage for the working classes or just an embittered old has-been from Manchester, everything he says is fucking hilarious.

Unilad chose some of his best quotes.

Talking About The Merits Of Chart Success:

Youth Is Wasted On The Young:

Rock’n’roll Opulence Is A Thing Of The Past:

Rock’n’roll… Cat.
no4He’s not a fan of 1D…
no5.. And he’s not a fan of politicians:
no6He doesn’t think much of Alex’s rock’n’roll credentials:
no7And not a fan of mustache:
no8He’s better than Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin:
Wensleydale or Brie?

no10And he hates popstar who are….

Source: Unilad