Watch Noel Gallagher recording “Mind Games” of John Lennon

The official Twitter account for Noel Gallagher has just shared a clip of Gallagher recording vocals for John Lennon’s “Mind Games” track in studio this morning.

October 9, 1940 also marks what would’ve been John Lennon’s 80th birthday.

Several months ago, Gallagher mentioned that a new studio he is putting together is close to being finished. It has not been mentioned whether or not this is the studio the vocals are being laid down in.

As of this writing, there is also no mention of a special covers album that Apple Corps has announced yet, nor does Gallagher plan on releasing an album covering his favorite tracks. We don’t know yet, and as it is developing, we will indulge this and give you what we know as it trickles out.

Stay tuned.

Source: TalesFromTheMightyI