“When I’m singing, no one can touch me”

“When I’m singing, no one can touch me”

Former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, is finding himself with more column inches these days than he ever did in his raucous ’90s heyday.

Mainly down to his own big mouth. In a recent interview however, Gallagher shared something a little more personal.

The Why Me? Why Not? singer has been using his social media to not only take a pop at some of Britpop’s finest alumni but to offer his brother out for a pint after a decade-long feud and to throw his hat in the ring to sing the new James Bond theme tune. It’s been a long week.

But in a new interview with GQ, Liam has shared some more personal moments. He was asked to expand on a statement he made in his recent As It Was documentary. When the film begins he says, “I know how great I am and I know how shit I am.”

The magazine asked him to speak further on that statement and say what his strengths and weaknesses were. He says, “Strengths are: When I’m in good health and I’m singing, no one can touch me. I’m not about singing technique, just fuckin’ aggy shit. If you like that, then I piss all over everyone put together.”

What are his weaknesses? Finishing songs mainly. “I party way too much. I’ve maybe fucked up my voice a bit, but it’s pretty aggressive and it sounds alright to me,” he continued. “If you’ve lost that then you’re fucked, aren’t ya? It’s fuckin’ game over.” GQ asked him to expand on why he struggled writing lyrics, “I don’t know. It depends if I’m in the mood. But sometimes I don’t say what I think I should be saying. I know I’m not the greatest lyricist ever but I’m not the worst. I find it hard to say what I really fuckin’ mean.”

Source: https://faroutmagazine.co.uk