Wonderwall is the most-streamed song by UK acts

Wonderwall is the most-streamed song by UK acts

Oasis‘ single ‘Wonderwall’ is the most streamed song by UK acts on a list of 300 tracks.

 Greatest Hits Radio ran their Coronation Countdown on air over the Bank Holiday weekend with Oasis’ seminal 1995 anthem ‘Wonderwall’ coming out on top.

The song have topped a countdown of the Top 300 most-streamed songs by UK artists from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

‘Wonderwall’ has been streamed a massive 312,670,000 times in the UK, according to Official Charts Company figures.

When asked about the amazing result, Noel Gallagher said that it’s a “privilege” and added:

I met a guy going into Waitrose the other day, an Irish fella, who grabbed me and said ‘What was that song that you and your brother did all those years ago? I thought, let me throw a dart in the dark here, and said ‘Was it Wonderwall?’ He said ‘That’s it! Wonderwall! I love that song. I didn’t care for much else of it though…

“But do you know what when they do these charts it’s such a privilege as a songwriter to see your songs consistently in the Top Ten and it makes me feel pretty good. Thank you!”

Source: Planet Radio

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