Noel Gallagher says Liam Gallagher is the king of “blaming everyone else”

Noel Gallagher says Liam Gallagher is the king of “blaming everyone else”

In a recent interview with Big Issue, Noel Gallagher said that Liam Gallagher is the king of “blaming everyone else”.

Liam Gallagher recently criticized how Noel Gallagher didn’t let him participate in the 30th Anniversary celebrations of ‘Definitely Maybe’.

Cut off from the special celebration, Liam announced that he would play the entire album at his gigs in honor of the event.

In response, Noel reflected on how Liam’s behavior played out in their relationship, depicting their time in Oasis and beyond from his own perspective.

Noel Gallagher suggested that Liam had a knack for pointing fingers, naming him “the king of blaming everyone else.”

“You never knew what mood Liam was going to turn up in, and I found the whole thing really f-cking stressful. My overriding feeling was this is just so f-cking unnecessary. This is the dream that we’ve all lived for, and you’re still moaning about some sh-t that went on 18 hours ago. It’s just nonsense.”

“Singers are the kings of blaming sh-t on everybody else. I was writing the songs, so I was directing it. I knew what I was doing. I often wondered what it would feel like if I was in a band, and I had no control over the direction of it because the guy who wrote all the songs was so fucking good. There would be no point in getting involved. So no wonder he went off the rails. But you can balance that by saying, well, Oasis wouldn’t be f-cking anything if they hadn’t asked me to join them.”

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